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Mountain Heights Church About Us


We are a Bible-based Christian church in Morgantown, West Virginia

Welcome to Mountain Heights Church! We are a non-denominational, Bible-believing, Christian Church in Morgantown. Our hope is for people to meet Jesus in a life-changing way and to fulfill Jesus’ great commission of making authentic disciples of all nations. We are part of a network of churches who encourage and build each other up while planting local churches in cities around the world.


Mountain Heights is the first church plant sent by Brookfield Church in Athens, Ohio. Brookfield started as a church plant in 2011 when Vine Church in Carbondale, Illinois sent out a team of 22 adults and 6 kids.

The plans for Mountain Heights Church began in 2012 when God started moving in staff pastor, Kenny Basnett’s, heart that Brookfield Church would one day get to start a church in Morgantown. As Brookfield Church grew to the size that they could plant a church, and after years of the leadership praying and processing, God made it clear that Fall of 2019 was the right time.

A team of 34 adults and 9 kids from Brookfield came together to form the beginnings of Mountain Heights Church. The team relocated to Morgantown in the summer of 2019 and services began in the fall. Our vision is to be a relational, Jesus-centered church that passionately holds to the truth of the Bible and plants more local churches.

Mountain Heights Church Plant


November of 2018 was a season of praying and processing through what this new church might be called. The name Mountain Heights came up while in the midst of a few days of seeking Jesus with some of the other lead pastors in our network of churches. As Lead Pastor, Kenny Basnett, processed the idea through prayer and Bible reading, God made it clear that Mountain Heights was to be our name!

Ezekiel 17:22-24 speaks to the promise of Jesus rescuing a diverse group of people from their sins to dwell with God in safety. The hope is that God would do just that in Morgantown!

“Thus says the Lord God: 'I myself will take a sprig from the lofty top of the cedar and will set it out. I will break off from the topmost of its young twigs a tender one, and I myself will plant it on a high and lofty mountain. On the mountain height of Israel will I plant it, that it may bear branches and produce fruit and become a noble cedar. And under it will dwell every kind of bird; in the shade of its branches birds of every sort will nest. And all the trees of the field shall know that I am the LORD.'”

EZEKIEL 17:22-24A

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